Kentucky, USA

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About Phoebe White

From an early age with a passion for making music, Phoebe White set out on a mission to become a respected solo artist. Phoebe is the winner of 23 talent contests, plus finalist in 6 more. She has performed with Grammy award winners Riders in the Sky, and shared the stage with Michael Johnathon, David McLean, Bluegrass band of the year: The Farm Hands, members of Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, New Grass Revival, Taylor Ware, Ava Kasich, & more.  She has performed in Nashville, on national TV, and worldwide radio; has appeared on The Best of America by Horseback on RFD-TV; plus was featured at both the country music capital of Kentucky: Renfro Valley, and The Kentucky Opry. Phoebe is a self-taught yodeler with an extensive range; she also enjoys working with some amazing music coaches. Her bubbly personality, poise on stage, powerful voice, & energetic performances are simply captivating!

Phoebe has a lofty list of goals inspired by music pioneers who have gone before her. One of her goals is to perform on the Grand Old Opry. She is working hard to build a solid foundation for a career in music and is deeply grateful for every opportunity & each invitation to perform. Her love of music spans many different generations and genres, but her favorites are country, western, Christian, gospel, Americana, bluegrass, and R&B.

Phoebe is 10 years old. She is a homeschooler; she loves Jesus, making new friends, & enjoys playing guitar, mandolin, piano, ukelele, guitalele, & more. She also likes to dance, swim, & go camping with her family. However, Phoebe’s most favorite thing to do is entertain live audiences. She totaled more than 65 stage performances in 2018 and is looking forward to more in 2019! Please send booking requests to Phoebe on Facebook Messenger or email at



Kentucky, USA